Brenderup offer a range of trailers from small camping/DIY to large plant, car transporters and cargo trailers. All their trailers come with a two year guarantee and they commit to stock all spare parts for a minimum of ten years after trailer production ceases

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Why Brenderup Trailers?

Since its beginning in 1936, Brenderup has been advanced and along the way their trailers have become even more equipped. The product range has simultaneously grown and produced products for all types of transport. Today Brenderup are Scandinavia´s leading manufacturer of trailers – so it’s no coincidence that they place reliability, function and modern design, as well as the best safety possible, at the top of the agenda. Their wide range of accessories makes their trailers extra flexible.

Brenderup trailers are produced in their own top modern facilities which ensures both good quality and delivery time.  The people behind that are tremendously important. They know that a trailer needs to be modern, reliable and functional. Just like a good friend on the road should be.

With the trailer as a starting point, Brenderup want to solve all sorts of transportation tasks. It’s no wonder that the Brenderup range is very wide. Through long experience,we know that a good trailer should be: rugged construction, robust chassis, have good driving characteristics and the best possible safety. Everything which you can expect from a Brenderup trailer.

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