Debon UK provide high-quality Box Trailers and Tipper Trailers with high standards in craftmanship within functional and robust products, offering  exceptional value for money to customers.

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Why Debon Trailers?

With box van trailers with Max Gross Weights ranging from 1300kg to 2600kg and unladen weights from 370kg to 665kg, Debon offer a wide selection of trailers suitable for many applications. The Debon Box Trailers combine Style, Practicality and Functionality effortlessly. They are the ultimate transportation solution for both business and pleasure.

Our Debon Tipper Trailer range includes both single axle and twin axle models and benefits from key features such as drop sides, electric tipping and innovation-driven design. With MGWs ranging from 1500kg to 3500kg and Payload ranging from 1050kg to 2670kg, they are incredibly robust and user-friendly.

From the single axle C255 to the twin axle C700, the Debon range of box trailers has models suited for a wide variety of purposes.

Debon has six sizes of box van trailer; all of them are braked trailers. The smallest the C255 has PPL plywood sides, the Cargo 1300 has a full Polyester Body, and the rest of the range having anodised aluminium planking sides walls.

The Roadster C300, Roadster C500, Roadster C500XL, Roadster C700 and the Cargo 1300 come with the unique Pullman Suspension System as standard. Debon’s signature car-like, coil spring and gas struct Pullman 2 Suspension system offers industry-leading lowered floor height and exceptional handling qualities.

The tipper trailer range features both single axle and twin axle models, with all having removable drop sides to make loading and unloading easier. Inclusive of One-Way and Three-Way Tipper Trailers, the Debon Tipper Trailer Range offers towing solutions for many industries, including but not limited to; landscaping, construction, groundworks, equestrian and smallholding. With MGWs ranging from 1500kg to 3500kg and with Payload ranging from 1050kg to 2670kg, the Debon Tipper Trailers are incredibly robust and user-friendly.


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